Aurel Bacs: A Senior Consultant at Phillips Watches and an Influential Figure in the Watch Auction World

Aurel Bacs, a senior consultant at Phillips Watches, is an influential figure in the watch auction world. With a passion for authenticity and a keen eye for talent, Bacs has made a name for himself in the industry. In this article, we explore his insights on the rise of interest in independent watchmaking, his experiences with collectors, and his thoughts on the upcoming auction of a unique set of F.P. Journe Souscription models. Bacs’ authenticity, casual approach, and extensive knowledge shine through as he discusses the emergence and growth of independent brands, trends in the watch industry, and the importance of respect for clients. Join us as we delve into the fascinating world of watch auctions and gain valuable insights from the renowned Aurel Bacs.

In a video interview conducted by WatchBox Studios, Aurel Bacs, the senior consultant at Phillips Watches, sheds light on the remarkable rise of F.P. Journe and the interest in independent watchmaking. With his expertise and charismatic presence, Bacs provides captivating insights into the ‘Adam and Eve’ moments for F.P. Journe. The interview also touches upon the upcoming sale of a remarkable set of all five F.P. Journe Souscription models, highlighting the significance of the set’s original subscriber. Bacs’ genuine passion for watches, casual approach, and deep understanding of the industry make this interview a must-watch for any watch enthusiast.

Arel Bacs: Background and Role

Aurel Bacs is a senior consultant at Phillips Watches, a prestigious position that has solidified his influence in the watch auction world. With his vast knowledge and expertise, Bacs has become a revered figure in the industry, known for his ability to command the room and achieve record-breaking sales. His role at Phillips Watches is one of great importance, as he works closely with collectors to ensure that each watch auction is a success.

Bacs’ Values and Appreciation for Independent Watchmakers

Bacs holds a deep appreciation for independent watchmakers, recognizing their talent and creative genius. He believes that authenticity is paramount in the watch industry, valuing watches that are true reflections of their creators’ minds. As an example of exceptional talent, Bacs often mentions F.P. Journe, a renowned independent watchmaker whose work he greatly admires. Bacs’ focus on authenticity and appreciation for independent watchmakers sets him apart in the industry.

The Rise of Interest in Independent Watchmaking

In recent years, there has been a noticeable increase in interest in independent watchmaking. This shift in the industry has had a significant impact on both collectors and watchmakers alike. Bacs and George discuss the “Adam and Eve” moments for F.P. Journe, the pivotal moments that propelled him and his brand to success. These moments serve as milestones in the rise of independent watchmaking, sparking interest and curiosity among collectors. To further highlight this trend, Phillips Watches will be hosting an upcoming sale of a unique set of all five F.P. Journe Souscription models.

Aurel Bacs: A Senior Consultant at Phillips Watches and an Influential Figure in the Watch Auction World

Bacs’ Experience in Meeting and Selling to Collectors

With his extensive experience, Bacs has had the opportunity to meet and sell to collectors from around the world. One notable sale that stands out is the Paul Newman Rolex Daytona, which sold for close to 18 million in 2017. This sale cemented Bacs’ reputation as an influential auctioneer and further solidified his place in the watch industry. Bacs has also gained recognition for his attendance at talk shows, where his entertaining presence captivates audiences and showcases his passion for watches.

Bacs’ Authenticity and Casual Approach in Work

Authenticity and a casual approach are integral to Bacs’ work with clients and the collector community. He prides himself on being true to himself, creating genuine connections with his clients and collectors. Bacs’ love for watches shines through in his interactions, making him approachable and relatable. He believes that a relaxed and casual approach fosters a better atmosphere for both buyers and sellers, ultimately leading to successful auctions. Bacs understands the importance of respect in his line of work and finds that it is a key factor in achieving success.

The Emergence and Growth of Independent Brands

The emergence and growth of independent brands have reshaped the watch industry and the auction world. In the past, group brand domination was prevalent, with established names like Patek Philippe and Rolex reigning supreme. However, the rise of independent brands has shifted the focus, capturing the attention of collectors worldwide. Bacs attributes this shift to societal changes and shifting preferences in the market. Collectors are now drawn to the authenticity, creativity, and unique qualities offered by independent brands.

Highlighting Specific Rising Independent Brands

Bacs identifies specific independent brands that he believes are on the rise in the watch industry. These brands captivate him with their unique qualities and innovative approaches to watchmaking. While each brand has its own distinct characteristics, they all share a common thread of exceptional craftsmanship and artistic expression. Bacs admires these brands for their dedication to pushing boundaries and creating watches that truly stand out in a crowded market.

Upcoming Auction of FP Journe Subscription Pieces

One of the highly anticipated events in the watch auction world is the upcoming sale of a complete set of FP Journe subscription pieces by Phillips Watches. This set holds great significance as the owner is the original subscriber to these coveted timepieces. Bacs expresses his excitement for the auction, recognizing the rarity and desirability of the set. He acknowledges the challenges of keeping the set together, as collectors often seek to acquire individual pieces. Despite these challenges, Bacs remains optimistic and looks forward to a successful auction.

Reflection on Early Years in the Industry

Bacs reflects on his early years in the industry, reminiscing about the dominance of group brands and the shift towards independent brands. He acknowledges the changes in client preferences, the growing global market, and the impact of digital efforts in expanding the reach of auctions. Bacs believes that authenticity and respect for clients have been the key to his success and that of the brands he represents. He attributes his enduring passion and love for watches as the driving force behind his achievements.


In conclusion, Aurel Bacs’ influence and expertise in the watch auction world are undeniable. His values of authenticity and appreciation for independent watchmakers have shaped his career and set him apart in the industry. Bacs recognizes the rise of interest in independent watchmaking and its impact on the industry as a whole. He highlights the unique qualities of specific rising independent brands and looks forward to the upcoming auction of the FP Journe subscription pieces. Bacs expresses his gratitude for the interview and wishes the host well, leaving a lasting impression with his friendly and approachable demeanor.