Shelby’s Watch Collecting Journey: From Seiko to Rolex

Everyone, meet Shelby, a passionate watch collector and enthusiast who has embarked on an incredible journey from Seiko to Rolex. Starting off with his early love for Seiko watches, Shelby’s collection has now expanded to include two Rolex Cosmograph Daytonas. His deep appreciation for Rolex timepieces is evident through his ownership of these iconic models and his fascination with the connection between Rolex Daytona and motorsports. Shelby’s future plans for his collection include adding the 2021 Rolex Submariner in yellow gold and the first cinematic James Bond watch from Rolex. Additionally, he has developed an interest in independent watchmaking, particularly with F.P. Journe and H. Moser & Cie, and his favorite watch in his collection is a platinum F.P. Journe Chronometre Souverain. Shelby’s preference lies in simple luxury watches with compact cases and traditional styles, and his collection also features other notable brands such as Ikepod, IWC Porsche Design, Panerai, Graham, and more. Follow Shelby’s watch collecting journey on Instagram through his handle @the_journe_identity.

Shelby’s Watch Collecting Journey: From Seiko to Rolex


Shelby’s journey into the world of watch collecting began with Seiko watches, which sparked his passion for mechanical timepieces. Over time, his collection expanded to include iconic Rolex models, which have become the centerpiece of his collection.

Shelby’s Passion for Rolex

Shelby’s deep appreciation for Rolex watches is evident through his ownership of two Rolex Cosmograph Daytonas. These watches hold sentimental value for him as they represent his love for motorsports and the historic connection between Rolex Daytona and endurance sports car racing.

Rolex Daytona and Motorsports

As a hardcore car enthusiast and motorsports fan, Shelby understands the allure of the Rolex Daytona. The sleek design and its association with racing make it a standout timepiece in his collection. The rose gold Rolex Daytona, in particular, catches his eye with its striking appearance against the black dial.

Future Additions to Shelby’s Collection

Shelby has his sights set on adding the 2021 Rolex Submariner in yellow gold to his collection. This model, with its timeless design and updated features, is a highly anticipated addition. Additionally, Shelby plans to acquire the first cinematic James Bond watch from Rolex, a sentimental favorite that pays homage to his admiration for the iconic spy.

The Wishlist: Patek Philippe Watches

Patek Philippe watches hold a special place on Shelby’s wishlist. Specifically, he desires the Patek Philippe 5270P perpetual calendar chronograph in platinum, a truly remarkable timepiece that embodies the pinnacle of luxury watchmaking. Alongside this, he also dreams of owning the Patek Philippe 5370P split-seconds chronograph with its stunning black enamel dial.

Venturing into Independent Watchmaking

Shelby’s watch collecting journey has led him to explore the world of independent watchmaking. Through brands like F.P. Journe and H. Moser & Cie, he has delved into the artistry and craftsmanship of watches made by these renowned independent brands. His admiration for these brands is evident through his platinum F.P. Journe Chronometre Souverain, which holds a special place in his collection.

Shelby’s Favorite Watch

Out of all the watches in his collection, Shelby’s favorite is the platinum F.P. Journe Chronometre Souverain. This timepiece represents a significant milestone in his collecting journey and holds sentimental value for him. He considers it his “one watch” and cherishes its remarkable craftsmanship and design.

Preference for Simple Luxury Watches

While Shelby appreciates complicated watches, his taste has evolved to prioritize simple luxury watches with compact cases, clean dials, and traditional styles. This preference reflects his personal style and aesthetic sensibilities. He finds that these watches embody elegance and sophistication in their simplicity.

Other Watches in Shelby’s Collection

In addition to Seiko and Rolex, Shelby’s collection includes watches from Ikepod, IWC Porsche Design, Panerai, Graham, and H. Moser & Cie. These watches represent his evolving taste and appreciation for different styles and brands in the watchmaking world. Each timepiece tells its own unique story, adding to the diversity of his collection.

Shelbys Watch Collecting Journey: From Seiko to Rolex

Shelby on Instagram

Shelby is an active presence on Instagram, sharing his passion for watches under the handle @the_journe_identity. Through his account, he connects with fellow watch enthusiasts, showcases his collection, and engages in conversations about the intricacies of watch collecting. His Instagram account reflects his enthusiasm for watches and his dedication to the hobby.

Speaker’s Personal Watch Journey: The Submariner

The speaker, sharing their own experiences, discusses how their watch collecting journey began with a Submariner. This iconic Rolex timepiece caught their attention, and they were drawn to its timeless design and association with James Bond. The Submariner served as a catalyst for their love of mechanical watches.

Counter-Cultural Appeal of Mechanical Watches

The speaker, who comes from a tech background, emphasizes the counter-cultural appeal of mechanical watches in the realm of technology. While technology focuses on constant updates and advancements, mechanical watches offer a sense of permanence and analog craftsmanship. This contrast provides a unique allure that resonates with many individuals in the tech industry.

Evolution as a Collector: Seiko to Independent Brands

The speaker highlights their own evolution as a watch collector, starting with Seiko watches and gradually exploring independent brands like F.P. Journe. Their journey allowed them to discover the artistry and individuality of independent watchmaking, expanding their collection and deepening their appreciation for the craft.

Favorite Watches in Shelby’s Collection

The speaker shares their favorite watches in Shelby’s collection, which include the Moser Streamliner and the Rolex 911r. Both watches represent exceptional design, craftsmanship, and hold personal significance for Shelby. These timepieces showcase the diversity and individuality within his collection.

Importance of Buying Watches You Love

The speaker emphasizes the importance of buying watches that hold personal meaning and resonate with the collector’s individual taste. They encourage collectors to stay true to their preferences and not be swayed by external influences or online communities. Building a collection of watches that genuinely captivate and bring joy is the ultimate goal.

Dream Watch: Platinum Patek Philippe 5270

The speaker reveals their dream watch, which is a platinum Patek Philippe 5270 with a salmon dial. This watch represents the epitome of luxury and watchmaking excellence. The unique combination of materials, design, and complications makes it a highly coveted timepiece for any collector.

Advice for New Collectors

The speaker offers valuable advice for new collectors, encouraging them to stay open-minded and explore different brands and styles. They stress the importance of researching and learning about watches to make informed decisions. By broadening their knowledge and understanding, new collectors can navigate the vast world of watches and build a collection that truly reflects their individual taste.

Finding Offbeat Watches Online

The speaker shares their fascination with finding offbeat and unique watches online. They discuss the thrill of stumbling upon hidden gems from independent brands or vintage pieces that offer something different from mainstream watches. Online platforms provide a gateway to discovering these hidden treasures and expanding one’s collection with extraordinary finds.

Watches from Shelby’s Collection

The speaker showcases some watches from Shelby’s collection, including an IWC Porsche Design chronograph and a Rolex Daytona. These watches exemplify Shelby’s diverse taste and preference for high-quality timepieces. Each watch holds sentimental value and represents a specific chapter in his collecting journey.

Future Goals for Shelby’s Collection

Looking ahead, Shelby has several ambitious goals for his collection. These include acquiring a Patek Philippe with a black enamel dial, adding a Moser Streamliner chronograph to his Moser collection, and obtaining a yellow gold Rolex Submariner. These future additions demonstrate his ongoing passion for watches and his commitment to continually expanding and refining his collection.


Shelby’s watch collecting journey, from Seiko to Rolex and beyond, is a testament to his passion, knowledge, and appreciation for timepieces. His collection reflects his evolving taste and personal style while encompassing a wide range of iconic brands and individual watchmakers. Through his journey, Shelby emphasizes the importance of collecting watches that bring joy and meaning to the collector, staying true to one’s personal preferences, and embracing the rich world of horology.