The Classroom: S01 Blooper Reel

In case you missed it, WatchBox Studios presents “The Classroom: S01 Blooper Reel.” While the hosts are getting ready for Season 02, they decided to share some behind-the-scenes moments (aka bloopers) from Season 01. If you haven’t seen the Finale yet, where the guys sit at the round table and dive into last season’s topics, we highly recommend checking it out. Season 02 is coming with exciting upgrades, including longer and more in-depth episodes, a new host, new location, new material, and much more. So if you enjoyed Season 01, you’re in for a treat in early September! Don’t forget to give us some feedback and subscribe to our Instagram. And hey, if you’re looking to buy watches, we’ve got you covered too!

Hey everybody, it’s CQ the white sky. Today, I want to share with you the four most important points. You see, when it comes to traditional components and materials, we strive for quality, even if we’re not getting Kobe beef raised in Japan when we only spend a couple of bucks on a burger. However, when we’re shelling out a couple hundred bucks, we expect the best. But, let’s steer away from just the tip comments and focus on the risk of moisture impregnating the watch. We’ll edit that off, promise! So, go ahead and join us in laughing at the bloopers, and don’t forget to give us your thoughts.

Behind the Scenes Moments

Prepping for Season 02

As the hosts of The Classroom are getting ready for Season 02, we wanted to take a moment to share some behind the scenes moments from Season 01. These moments, also known as Bloopers, give you a glimpse into the fun and sometimes unpredictable moments that happen during production. It’s always interesting to see what goes on behind the camera!

Fun with the footage

While prepping for Season 02, we decided to have some fun with the footage from Season 01. Bloopers are a great way to lighten the mood and add some humor to the show. We hope you enjoy watching these behind the scenes moments as much as we enjoyed creating them.

Keeping them honest

In addition to the fun and laughter, we also wanted to keep the hosts honest by showcasing some of the bloopers that occurred during Season 01. It’s important to remember that even the experts make mistakes sometimes. These behind the scenes moments serve as a reminder that no one is perfect and that we’re all human.

Bloopers from Season 01

Finale with the guys at the round table

If you haven’t seen the Season 01 Finale with the guys sitting at the round table, we highly recommend checking it out. In this episode, the hosts expand on some of the topics discussed throughout the season. It’s a great way to get a deeper understanding of the subject matter and see the hosts in a more relaxed and conversational setting.

Expanding on topics from last season

The Season 01 Finale is not just a recap of the previous episodes, but an opportunity for the hosts to dive deeper into the topics that were covered. They provide additional insights, answer questions from viewers, and engage in lively discussions. It’s a must-watch for anyone who wants to further their knowledge on the subjects covered in Season 01.

Recommendation to Watch Finale

Importance of watching the Finale

We can’t stress enough how important it is to watch the Season 01 Finale. It not only provides a comprehensive overview of the topics discussed throughout the season but also offers a chance to see the hosts in a different light. It’s a valuable resource for anyone looking to expand their understanding of the subject matter.

Link to the Finale video

To make it easier for you to find and watch the Season 01 Finale, we’ve provided a link here. Simply click on the link to be directed to the video. We hope you enjoy it!

Upgrades for Season 02

Airing in early September

Season 02 of The Classroom is set to air in early September. We’re excited to bring you more episodes filled with valuable information and engaging discussions. Mark your calendars so you don’t miss out on the new season!

More in-depth episodes

In Season 02, we’re planning to dive even deeper into the subjects we cover. We want to provide our viewers with a comprehensive understanding of the topics we discuss, so we’ll be taking a more in-depth approach in our episodes.

Longer episodes

To accommodate the increased depth of the episodes, we’ll be making them longer. This will allow us to cover more information and provide a more thorough analysis of the subject matter. We appreciate your patience as we work on creating these extended episodes.

New host

We’re thrilled to announce that Season 02 will feature a new host. We believe that adding a fresh perspective and voice to the show will bring a new dynamic and keep things interesting for our viewers. We can’t wait for you to meet our new host!

New location

As part of our efforts to enhance the viewing experience, we’ll be showcasing a new location in Season 02. The change of scenery will provide a visually stimulating backdrop for our discussions and add a fresh feel to the show.

New material

In Season 02, we’ll be exploring new topics and bringing you the latest insights and information. Our goal is to keep the content fresh and relevant, ensuring that you stay informed and engaged throughout the season.

Thanking the Audience

Appreciation for support

Before we wrap up, we want to express our sincere gratitude for all the support you’ve shown us during Season 01. Your viewership, feedback, and engagement have been invaluable to us, and we’re incredibly grateful to have such a dedicated and enthusiastic audience.

Encouragement to check out The Classroom playlist

If you haven’t already, we encourage you to check out The Classroom playlist. It contains all the episodes from Season 01, as well as other valuable content that we’ve created. It’s a great resource for anyone looking to expand their knowledge on the topics we cover.

Request for feedback

We want to hear from you! Your feedback is incredibly important to us as we strive to improve and create content that meets your needs. Whether it’s suggestions for future topics, comments on the show, or anything else you’d like to share, we welcome your input.

Call to subscribe

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Social media handles

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Important Points from the Bloopers

The four most important points

During the bloopers, one phrase that stood out was “those are the four most important points.” While the context of this phrase wasn’t clear, it serves as a reminder that there are often key takeaways and highlights in any discussion or presentation. As viewers, it’s important to pay attention to these key points and reflect on their significance.

Examples of split

Another interesting moment in the bloopers was when the topic of split was mentioned. While it’s unclear exactly what the hosts were referring to, it’s possible that they were discussing the concept of split in the context of watchmaking. Split can refer to various aspects of the watch, such as the movement or the dial. It’s interesting to see how these technical terms are incorporated into the show.

Invented a keyless crown

One of the bloopers mentioned that someone had invented a keyless crown. This is a fascinating development in watchmaking, as a keyless crown allows for easy winding and setting of the watch without the need for a traditional key. It shows how innovation and ingenuity continue to shape the world of watches.

Traditional components and materials

In the bloopers, there was also a mention of traditional components and materials. This highlights the importance of preserving traditional craftsmanship and using high-quality materials in watchmaking. It’s a nod to the timeless artistry and heritage that goes into creating these timepieces.

Expectations for a Burger

Spending $1.99 for a burger

The hosts touched on the idea of spending $1.99 for a burger and not expecting the same quality as a high-end burger. This analogy serves as a reminder that price often reflects the quality and experience we can expect. It’s important to manage our expectations and understand the value we’re receiving based on what we’re willing to pay.

Spending $200 for a burger

On the other end of the spectrum, the hosts discussed the expectation of spending $200 for a burger. In this case, there is a higher expectation for quality and a desire to know where the beef comes from and how it’s treated. This highlights how our expectations can change based on the investment we’re willing to make.

The importance of beef quality

The analogy of the burger also emphasizes the importance of quality, particularly when it comes to ingredients like beef. Just as we want our burger to be made with high-quality meat, we should also prioritize quality in other aspects of our lives, whether it’s watches, food, or any other product or experience.

Satisfaction with beef massage

Lastly, the hosts mentioned their expectation for their beef to be well-massaged if they’re paying a couple hundred bucks for a burger. While this may be a humorous comment, it serves as a reminder that we all have unique preferences and expectations. It’s important to communicate our needs and desires and to find satisfaction in the things that bring us joy, even if they differ from others.

Avoiding Inappropriate Comments

Taking caution with comments

By including a mention of staying away from “just the tip” comments, the hosts demonstrate their understanding of the importance of appropriateness and professionalism. It’s crucial to be mindful of the language we use and to avoid making comments or jokes that may be offensive or inappropriate.

Steering clear of certain remarks

The mention of avoiding certain remarks in the bloopers speaks to the hosts’ commitment to creating a respectful and inclusive environment. They understand that their words have an impact on their audience and aim to foster a space that is welcoming and enjoyable for everyone.

Correcting Pronunciations

Correcting the pronunciation of a phrase

One of the bloopers captured the hosts correcting the pronunciation of a certain phrase. This highlights their commitment to accuracy and professionalism. By ensuring that they pronounce words correctly, they are setting a high standard for themselves and providing a clear and accurate listening experience for their viewers.

The importance of accurate speech

The mention of correcting pronunciations in the bloopers emphasizes the significance of accuracy in communication. Clear and precise speech is essential in delivering information effectively and maintaining credibility. It’s a reminder to always strive for accuracy in our own communication.


In conclusion, the behind the scenes moments and bloopers from Season 01 of The Classroom provide a lighthearted and entertaining look into the production process. Whether it’s the hosts having fun with the footage or the occasional slip-up, these moments remind us that even the experts can make mistakes. As we prepare for Season 02, we’re excited to bring you more in-depth episodes, longer episodes, and a fresh perspective with a new host. We’re incredibly grateful for your support and encourage you to check out the Season 01 Finale if you haven’t already. Remember to subscribe, provide feedback, and connect with us on social media. Thank you for being a part of The Classroom community, and we look forward to bringing you more engaging and informative content in Season 02.