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WNS-6070-4091 - Pedometer - W. German - Dial Close Up View

Case:  It is a large piece that measures a huge 40 mm across and 50 m from top to bottom.

Dial: The dial has a single large black hand that can be set and reset by a large gear-wheel at the bottom left of the case located between the 7 and 8 o'clock positions. The dial has a number of different colors and number markers for measuring the distance walked when you wear it! Besides all the different colored rings for measurement, and the mile markers in black, red, blue, green and yellow, the dial reads Miles in the center and made in West Germany.

Movement: German made Pedometer.

Strap: It has wire lugs and is fitted with what appears to be it's original brown leather one-piece strap with matching silver buckle.

Comments: here are now modern versions of this type of Pedometer, but not many around like this one anymore....and it still works perfect. When worn on your arm, it measures how far you have walked, even if it's just around the house during the day! The condition of the entire piece is outstanding, including the case, dial, etc.  

Item ID: WNS-6070-4091

West German (Pedometer) - Multi-colored dial, used to measure the distance walked, Definitely a Unique Collectors Piece - (circa 1960s)

WNS-6070-4091 - Pedometer - W. German - Full Front View with Strap

WNS-6070-4091 - Pedometer - W. German - Full Front View

WNS-6070-4091 - Pedometer - W. German - Gear Settings View