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Mid-Century Wristwatches date from 1946 to 1959 (and include the post-World War 2 era, Atomic Age and Retro-Mod era time pieces.)

Mid-Century Wristwatches

Vintage Wristwatches date from  1921 to 1945 (and include the Roaring 20s, Art Deco and World War 2 era Military time pieces.)

Vintage Wristwatches

Antique Wristwatches date from the late 1890s to around 1920 (and include the Transitional era, Art Nouveau  and World War 1 Trench time pieces.)

Antique Wristwatches

Pocket Watches date from the 1800s to Present (and include Open face and Hunters Case time pieces.)

Pocket Watches

Modern and New Wristwatches date from 1980 to Present (and include the Gadetry era, Mechanical Watch Reborn era and Brand New time pieces.)

Modern & New Wristwatches

60s and 70s Wristwatches date from 1960 to 1979 (and include the Psychedelic era,  Quartz Revolution, Electronic and Mod era time pieces.)

60s & 70s Wristwatches

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