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Antique, Vintage, Mid-Century, 60s & 70s and Modern (New Old Stock, Used & New)

Watch Collection

(Wristwatches & Pocket Watches)

Antique Wristwatches date from the late 1880s to around 1920 (and include the Transitional era, Art Nouveau and World War 1 Trench time pieces.)

Antique Wristwatches

Antique Wristwatches

Vintage Wristwatches date from  1921 to 1945 (and include the Roaring 20s, Art Deco and World War 2 era Military time pieces.)

Vintage Wristwatches

Vintage Wristwatches

Mid-Century Wristwatches date from 1946 to 1959 (and include the post-World War 2 era, Atomic Age and Retro-Mod era time pieces.)

Mid-Century Wristwatches

Mid-Century Wristwatches

60s and 70s Wristwatches date from 1960 to 1979 (and include the Psychedelic era, LCD, LED, Solar, Quartz Revolution, Electronic and Mod era time pieces.)

60s & 70s Wristwatches

60s & 70s Wristwatches

Modern and New Wristwatches date from 1980 to Present (and include the Gadetry era, Mechanical Watch Reborn era and Brand New time pieces.)

Modern & New Wristwatches

Modern/New Wristwatches

Pocket Watches date from the 1700s to Present (and include Open face and Hunters Case time pieces.)

Pocket Watches

Pocket Watches