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WNS-PW-6023 - Waltham_1878_Key_Set_and_Wind_-_Full_Front_View

Case: The Coin Sliver Case is in superb condition, with a nice engraving on the back cover, and is an 18 size marked Warranted Silver Coin and the number 12 on the back cover and 2 Oz. and the number 12528426 on the dust cover. The crown and bow are located at the 12 o'clock position.
Dial: The dial is in great condition with a white background color highlighted with black colored Roman Numeral hour marker and a large seconds sub-dial with a detailed outer track. The hands are gun metal colored and have a very sleek antique style design.

Movement: A key  wind and set movement. The movement is marked Waltham, Mass., A.W.C. Broadway and the serial number 1247019 (which dates the production of this piece to 1878.)

Comments: This antique piece is in super nice overall condition and is nice enough to join any collection or be carried as an everyday timepiece.

Item ID: WNS-PW-6023

Waltham "Broadway" - Excellent Overall Condition, Key Set and Key Wind Mechanical Movement with a Coin Silver Open Face Case - (circa 1878)

WNS-PW-6023 - Waltham 1878 Key Set and Wind - Full Open Case View

WNS-PW-6023 - Waltham_1878_Key_Set_and_Wind_-_Movement_Model_Close_Up_View

WNS-PW-6023 - Waltham 1878 Key Set and Wind - Full Open Case View.jpg

WNS-PW-6023 - Waltham_1878_Key_Set_and_Wind_-_Back_Case_View

WNS-PW-6023 - Waltham_1878_Key_Set_and_Wind_-_Back_Case_Engraving_View

WNS-PW-6023 - Waltham_1878_Key_Set_and_Wind_-_Key_View

WNS-PW-6023 - Waltham_1878_Key_Set_and_Wind_-_Movement_Model_Close_Up_View.jpg WNS-PW-6023 - Waltham_1878_Key_Set_and_Wind_-_Back_Case_View.jpg WNS-PW-6023 - Waltham_1878_Key_Set_and_Wind_-_Back_Case_Engraving_View.jpg WNS-PW-6023 - Waltham_1878_Key_Set_and_Wind_-_Key_View.jpg