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WNS-ATQ-1004 - Waltham - Transition - circa 1912 - Left Front View

Case: The round shaped gold case measures 48 mm across and 54 mm (wire lug to wire lug.) It is 10 mm thick. The stem and crown is extended 12 mm from the case, and it is located at the 12 o'clock position. The back of the screw down case has fancy engravings. The inside of the screw down back cover is marked Guaranteed Twenty Years, Philadelphia Watch Case Co. and the number 9932306.

Dial: The near mint round dial has a white color background and features a beautiful example of the antique-style single sunk 60 seconds sub-dials with a black hand and a 60 seconds scale around its outer edge.

The hour markers are black colored Arabic numerals at all 12 positions. There is a 60 minutes scale at the edge of the dial and it features brownish-red colored Arabic numerals at every 5 minute increment (from 5 to 60.) The antique-style hour and minutes hands are black in color. The crystal is flat on the surface and straight at the sides and is raised 1 mm above the case. It is marked Waltham below the 12 o'clock position.

Movement: Mechanical Wind with ornate engravings and marked A.W.W. Co., Waltham, Mass. and the serial number 18260750 (which dates this watch to 1912.)

Strap: 18mm black colored straight nylon strap with a gold buckle (wire lug strap.)

Comments: Here is a turn-of-the-twentieth-century (1900s) transitional 10Kt. gold filled Waltham wire lug wristwatch. With the overall size and its stem and crown at the 12 o'clock position it is obvious that this piece was converted from a pocket watch into a wristwatch. For a watch over 100 years old it is in stunningly near mint condition--and what is more amazing is it keeps very accurate time.

Item ID: WNS-ATQ-1004

Waltham - Transitional 10K Gold Filled Conversion Wristwatch with the Crown at the 12 o'clock position - (circa 1912)


WNS-ATQ-1004 - Waltham - Transition - circa 1912 - Right Front View

WNS-ATQ-1004 - Waltham - Transition - circa 1912 - Movement View

WNS-ATQ-1004 - Waltham - Transition - circa 1912 - Front View