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WNS-6070-4111 - Vantage  Lebanon High - Full Front View - circa 1960s

Case: Gold Plated  Round Case measuring 40 mm across (crown is recessed within the case at the 3 o’clock position), 43 mm lug to lug. Back is marked Water Protected and Shock Resistant, Base Metal Bezel and Stainless Steel Back.

Dial: A very nice champayne colored dial (applied gold toned hour markers: 6, 9 and 12 positions have black colored Arabic numerals, 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10 and 11 positions are faceted and 3 position is a square. It is singed Vantage, West Germany and has a red cedar tree in the middle. The bezel is customized and reads: Lebanon Senior High School, Lebanon, AP. It includes gold hour and minute hands and a gold sweeping seconds hand.

Movement: 17 Jewel mechanical movement.

Strap: Black material with black stitching and a gold toned buckle.

Comments: All original condition (in like new overall condition) with a customized bezel.

Item ID: WNS-6070-4111

Vantage - Day/Date - Lebanon Senior High School, Lebanon, PA - 17 Jewel Mechanical Movement Wristwatch - (circa 1960s)

WNS-6070-4111 - Vantage  Lebanon High - Full Back View - circa 1960s

WNS-6070-4111 - Vantage  Lebanon High - Full Left Front View - circa 1960s

WNS-6070-4111 - Vantage  Lebanon High - Full Right Front View - circa 1960s

A Brief History of the Vantage Watch Company

  First things first – Vantage watches are NOT Hamilton watches. The Hamilton Watch Company purchased the Vantage watch brand in the early 1960s to compete with lower-priced watches that were being assembled in Asia and the Virgin Islands by manufacturers from Switzerland and Japan. Additionally, the United States Time Corporation (Timex) was also producing a lower-priced mechanical movement (the pin pallet), and Bulova was producing a 7 jewel mechanical watch under its Caravelle brand. These lower-priced watches dominated the market share of the watch industry and were threatening the Hamilton Watch Company’s very existence.

The Hamilton Watch Company created a watch division when it became a holding company. The division included the old Hamilton Watch Company (50% Swiss owned) and Vantage among other brands. Hamilton’s parent company purchased the Standard Time Corporation to make movements for the Vantage brand (Hamilton mechanical movements were not used in the Vantage brand watches).

The Vantage line of watches were introduced around 1963 and included electric movements and fully-jeweled mechanical wind and automatics. The Vantage brand ended in the early 1970s due to the “quartz crisis”.

Vantage watches have good movements and a variety of very stylish cases. Many Vantage watches are undervalued in today’s vintage watch market and can be purchased for under $100.