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WNS-6070-4043 - Tradition - Blue Dial Electronic - Day-Date - Dial Close Up View

Case:  The large Tonneau shaped all stainless steel case measures 38 mm across (41 mm including the crown) and 45 mm lug to lug (with the lugs recessed within the case).  It is 11 mm thick.  The front of the case has a brush finish and the rest of the case has a smooth finish.  The back of the case is marked Water Resistant, Swiss Made, Shock Resistant, Stainless Steel and A4.  It has a circular removable battery compartment lid that is marked Cell, + and Up.

Dial: The round Tonneau shaped dial has a dark blue background.  The outer rim has a 60 seconds and minutes scale marked with slim white colored lines.

The dial is marked Tradition (with the Hamilton emblem above it) below the 12 o'clock position; and Electronic and Swiss Made above the 6 o'clock position.  All lettering is white in color.  The raised baton style hour markers are white in color with a center line that is silver in color.  The day and date feature is located at the 3 o'clock position.  The Arabic numerals of the day and date are white with a blue background.

The Fils-style hour and minutes hands are silver in color with a white center line.  And straight sweep seconds hand all silver in color. 

The crystal has a flat surface and straight sides and is raised 2 mm above the case. 

Movement: Swiss Made Battery Operated Electronic.

Strap: A 18 mm Brown Leather with Stretch Nylon Sports Strap with a stainless steel buckle.

Comments: This watch has a mid to late '60s look to it.  

The watch features a very interesting functioning "electronic" mechanism.  A battery actually serves
the purpose of a main spring and the balance ticks like a mechanical wind watch.

These watches were special ordered from Hamilton Watch Co. by Sears and Roebuck in the sixties and marketed with the Tradition name.

This watch is in mint cosmetic and running condition. 

Item ID: WNS-6070-4043

Tradition -  Made by Hamilton for Sears and Roebuck, the Battery Serves the Purpose of a Main Spring and the Balance Ticks Like a Mechanical Wind Wristwatch (circa 1960s)

WNS-6070-4043 - Tradition - Blue Dial Electronic - Day-Date - Full Front View

WNS-6070-4043 - Tradition - Blue Dial Electronic - Day-Date - Left Front View

WNS-6070-4043 - Tradition - Blue Dial Electronic - Day-Date - Right Front View