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Many versions, styles and models of Smartwatches have been around since the 1970s and have had little to moderate commercial success. But, ever since 2013 when the Smartwatch hit the mainstream of society its advertising and media coverage has been broad, flashy and costly. The Smartwatch is seen seemingly everywhere these days: television, newspapers, magazines, billboards, radio and all over the internet. Advertisers are focused on selling this technological phenomenon to all age groups using marketing buzzwords and promises that claim it will enhance and/or change ones life. Most writers are focused on the ever-growing list of functionality offered on current models (but many sadly do not know anything about the history of this interesting wrist-worn device.) One company (Pebble) even claims that their 2013 Smartwatch release “was the first Smartwatch” {this is absolutely not true by more than 40 years – what is true about that statement is that it was ‘their first Smartwatch’.} What is lost in the current ‘advertising blitzkrieg’ and ‘mass media campaigns’ is the actual definition and long history of the Smartwatch, and its manufacturer’s and developer’s quest to make it a popular consumer product with widespread societal acceptance. The information on this site tells the truth and the long history of the Smartwatch (from the 1970s to the present.) This information is intended purely for understanding and clarification of this interesting wrist-worn device. Any comments or additions (pictures or information) are welcome.

Definition of the Smartwatch: A Smartwatch is not merely a time-keeping device like its predecessor the mechanical wristwatch. It has evolved from early digital wristwatches into a computerized device with a multitude of functionalities that include graphical display, cell phone, camera, GPS navigation and portable media player capabilities. Today’s Smartwatches maintain a wireless connection to mobile devices (mostly used with cell (smart) phones) and receive incoming calls, text messages, instant messages and can connect to the internet. The best way to understand a Smartwatch is to realize it is actually a mobile wearable computer.

SmartBands (Smart Straps) -  Smartwatch manufacturers are now designing SmartBands that affix onto traditional mechanical wristwatches to turn a regular watch smart (they can claim it is a Smartwatch if its strap incorporates SmartBand functionality.)

Add-On Modules - As Smartwatches continue to grow in popularity many companies are introducing some innovative add-ons to increase functionality or convert traditional wristwatches into Smartwatches.

It is still uncertain where the term “Smartwatch” originated, but  Tissot claims that it trademarked the term “Smartwatch” several years ago. It is said that the company believes that this is why many manufacturers refer to their Smartwatches as "connected devices" instead.

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Smartwatch Era Begins

The Invention of the Digital Watch marked the beginning of the Smartwatch Era. Early Smartwatches used LED and LCD technology for their displays and some incorporated Calculator functionality.

Photo Galleries and Descriptions of Select Smartwatches


Personal Computer Influence

During the early 1980s calculator wristwatches became affordable. Personal computers were introduced into the mainstream and watch developers started using computer technology to design wrist computers.


Seiko Data-2000 Wristwatch – Wireless Docking Station (ca. 1983)


Paging and Wireless Communication

In the 1990s paging and other wireless communications were in demand and what better way than to provide this capability on a wrist-worn Smartwatch. Wearable computers that could sync data directly from and to a Smartwatch hit the market.

Samsung SPH-WP10 – World’s First Watch Phone (ca. 1999)


21st Century Technology

Smartwatches developed in the 2000s were able to function as standalone products with GPS, activity tracking, heart rate monitoring and various sports activity functionality. Digital wrist cameras, USB links and instant data receiving capabilities all came into existence.

Casio WQV-1 Wrist Camera – World’s First Digital Camera Watch (ca. 2000)

(2010 thru 2015)

Smartwatch Revolution

After decades of research and development, technological failures and a long list of discontinued models the Smartwatch finally breaks through with success in the mainstream market. After the unprecedented success of the Pebble Smartwatch in 2013 it suddenly became popular.

The Original Pebble – The Smartwatch is Catapulted into the Mainstream (ca. 2013)

(2016 & Beyond)

The Future

2016 started off as numerous research and development projects are underway that promise new and exciting Smartwatch technology. No telling if the Smartwatch device is here to stay, but market indicators suggest that the device will continue to grow in popularity.

Montblanc e-Strap Smartwatch - “Wearable Technology Meets Fine Swiss Watchmaking” - (ca. 2016)

Synchronar - World's First Solar-Powered Digtial Wristwatch (ca. 1972)
Timex-Datalink 50 Smartwatch Casio Game-10 Smartwatch Moto 360 Black Dial Smartwatch

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