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WNS-6070-4073 - Sicura - Elegance - Blue Rectangular Crystal - Full Front View

Case:  The case is manufactured in two parts (a brush finished  aluminum front piece and a stainless steel back piece.)  The overall measurements are 35 mm across (37 mm including the crown) and 125 mm (lug to lug.)  It is 8 mm thick.  The pop off stainless steel back is marked All Swiss Made and includes the numbers 9058. 


Dial: The dial is actually a silver tone color but appears to be a sea blue color due to the color of the crystal.  It is marked Elegance, Sicura, 17 Jewels, Swiss Made and Incabloc.  There is a solid silver colored horizontal line running the length of the dial, but interrupted by the off-centered timing dial.  The hour and minute hands are very small and black in color.  The off-center and round timing dial is silver in color with straight black lines  indicating the hours.  The circumference of the entire timing dial is only 8 mm. 

The crystal is a sea blue color and rectangular shaped echoing the case design.  It is raised 4 mm up from the surface of the case.      

Movement: Swiss Made Mechanical Wind 17 Jewels. It is marked Sicura S.A., 17 (seventeen) Jewels, Unadjusted and Swiss. 

Strap: 30 mm wide Genuine Leather - black in color with black stitching. The buckle is chrome plated. Comments: Here is a peculiar looking, rectangular shaped, Space Age designed, Swiss made Sicura.  The raised sea blue colored crystal with it's off-centered and very small sized (8 mm circumference) circular timing dial make this watch a peculiarity for sure.  It is in absolutely mint cosmetic and working condition.  

Item ID: WNS-6070-4073

Sicura, Elegance -  Peculiar Rectangular Shaped Case with a Raised Sea Blue Crystal, Small Circular Off-Centered Time Indicator Wristwatch - (circa 1960s)

WNS-6070-4073 - Sicura - Elegance - Blue Rectangular Crystal - Dial Close Up View

Sicura - Elegance - Blue Rectangular Crystal - Full Left Front View

WNS-6070-4073 - Sicura - Elegance - Blue Rectangular Crystal - Full Right Front View