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WNS-MDN-5003 - Seiko - Receptor - MA51-4A20 - Dial Close Up View

Case: Plastic round case with a stainless steel back - 43 mm wide by 48 mm lug to lug. Two setting pushers. Screw on back marked: Seiko, Receptor, St. Steel Back, MA51-4A20 [A0], Japan SW, Licensed by AT&E, 0N00137.

Dial: LED Display - Signed Seiko, Receptor - Roam button, Lock button, Time pusher and a Message pusher. Displays date and time and messages from pagers.

Movement: Japanese Quartz movement.

Strap: A Seiko plastic with metal locking clasp - an antenna is embedded into this strap. (A thin metal strip is inside the strap and when connected with the metal clasp this makes a loop antenna).

Item ID: WNS-MDN-5003

Additional Information:

This watch was introduced July 1990 in Portland, Oregon as the Seiko Receptor MessageWatch, which combined a traditional digital watch with pager functions.

The paging ability allowed people to call an automated service and send specific messages to these  watch. This paging capability relied on a FM sub-carrier signal and it was limited to certain geographic areas.

Initially the watch was just released in Portland OR and Seattle WA and due to the use of the FM signals only a relatively small reception area was available. Maps of the supported reception areas were provided with the watch.

To receive the signal an antenna is embedded into the wrist band. A thin metal strip is inside the strap and when connected with the metal clasp this makes a loop antenna.

The strap connects to the watch body by use of a leaf spring mechanism. This connection mechanism was awarded US Patent US5168281 and the inventor credited on the patent is no other than Ikuo Tokunaga who is famous for many Seiko innovations.

In addition to messages from friends and family it was also possible to subscribe to services that provided information like weather, sports scores, stock info, snow reports and lottery numbers.

As the service is no longer available the watch shows just dashes when the message button is depressed as no message has or will be received.

Other than the paging functionality the only other complication that the watch has is a dual time display to allow you to set the time in another city for when you are traveling.

Seiko - Receptor - MA51-4A20 - Licensed by AT&E - Pager Wristwatch - (Circa early 1990s)

WNS-MDN-5003 - Seiko - Receptor - MA51-4A20 - Full Front View

WNS-MDN-5003 - Seiko - Receptor - MA51-4A20 - Left Front View

WNS-MDN-5003 - Seiko - Receptor - MA51-4A20 - Right Front View