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  Andrew Robb (1791-1847) was born on May 20, 1791 in Westmoreland, PA to Alexander and Barbara Light Robb. He married Elizabeth Light on October 18, 1812 in Lebanon, PA. Elizabeth’s family owned the New Market Forge in Annville Township, Lebanon County and her father built them a home near Tenth and Cumberland Street in Lebanon. He is known to have been both a clockmaker and jeweler. Unlike most other Lebanon County clockmakers who were of German descent Robb was of Scottish ancestry. Several tall case clocks attributed to Robb and originating from Lebanon County are known to exist. A fine tall case clock made by Robb (pictured above) features a solid walnut wood case with swirled molding designs and a colorfully painted white dial. This particular clock resides in a private collection.

  Andrew Robb died on October 1, 1847 in Scott, Indiana.

Robb, Andrew (1791-1847)

White dial signed ‘Andrew Robb, Lebanon’ featuring very colorful circular spandrels (circa 1825) – Photo courtesy of Ann Henry Crow.

Solid Walnut tall case clock (97 inches tall) – featuring swirled molding around the truck and base with notched trunk and base corners and three turned finials (circa 1825) – Photo courtesy of Ann Henry Crow.

White dial also features a traditional colorful moon phase dial (circa 1825) – Photo courtesy of Ann Henry Crow.