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WNS-MDN-5033 - Raketa - USSR - Red Hammer and Sickel - Case Close Up View

Case: The round case is gold plated and measures 34 mm across (36 mm including the crown) and 38 mm lug to lug. The winding crown is gold finished and in excellent shape as well.

Dial: The blood red smooth enamel finished metal dial is in mint condition, complete with discrete hour marker dots at the 12, 3, 6 and 9 positions, and a gold Sickle Hour hand and Hammer minute hand and sweeping gold center seconds hand. Signed in Cyrillic below the 12 o'clock position and also at the base of the dial. The original domed crystal is in excellent condition as is the gold finished case.

Movement: Mechanical wind movement with 16 jewels

Bracelet: It is fitted with a black leather strap with a gold toned buckle.

Comments: This is a real warm reminder of the Cold War!

Item ID: WNS-MDN-5033 - S

Brief Information Regarding the Raketa Watch Company:

Located in St. Petersburg, Russia, this watch designing and manufacturing firm produced mechanical and automatic wristwatches, pocket watches and clocks for the Soviet Union’s military and civilian markets. The firm managed to survive after the collapse of the USSR (CCCP) but inevitably closed down their factory around 1995. They produced some of the most unique, highly specialized, patriotic and memorable watches in the history of Russian watch making. Many of their watches are now Cold War relics and continue to gain popularity amongst collectors around the world.


RAKETA (Rocket) - Blood Red Hammer and Sickle USSR - Wristwatch - (circa 1980s)

WNS-MDN-5033 - Raketa - USSR - Red Hammer and Sickel - Full Front View

WNS-MDN-5033 - Raketa - USSR - Red Hammer and Sickel - Full Left Front View

WNS-MDN-5033 - Raketa - USSR - Red Hammer and Sickel - Full Right Front View