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WNS-MCTY-3032- Popeye - Character Watch - Popeye Head View

Case: A base metal case with a stainless steel back that measures 31 mm across (33 mm including the crown) and 36 mm lug to lug. The inside of the stainless steel pop off back cover is marked International Precision Time Ltd., Hong Kong.

Dial: The dial's background is an uncommon yellow-gold toned brush finish and features Popeye in the center with his arms working as the hour and minute hands.

Movement: The mechanical wind movement is 1 (one) jewel, Remex Ltd., Unadjusted.

Strap: The original yellow vinyl 16 mm strap has a chrome buckle that is marked W. Germany.

Comments: An excellent example of a 1950s Character wristwatch featuring Popeye with his always present smile.

Item ID: WNS-MCTY-3032

Popeye - Mechanical Wind Character Wristwatch  in Excellent original condition - (circa 1950s)

WNS-MCTY-3032- Popeye - Character Watch - Central Dial Close Up View

WNS-MCTY-3032- Popeye - Character Watch - Full Front View with Strap

WNS-MCTY-3032- Popeye - Character Watch - Full Front View