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WNS-MDN-5027 - Pearl - Large Square Novelty - Dial Close Up View

Case: Measures 45 mm square and features a high gloss black bezel with exaggerated Arabic numbers that are marked in gold.

Dial: has a mirror (highly reflective) finish (the images show blue and white -- it was a nice clear day outside when I photographed this watch and the mirrored dial captured the sky and clouds perfectly.) The hour and minute hands are gold toned with a neat hollow tipped end and the seconds hand is sleek and gold toned as well.

Movement: Quartz movement.

Bracelet: The strap is a Genuine Leather with a metallic gold front finish and is 22 mm wide and has a gold toned buckle.

Comments: A fashion statement that will stand out in a crowd and a conversation piece.

Item ID: WNS-MDN-5027

Pearl - Huge Mirrored Dial with a Gloss Black Bezel with Gold Exaggerated Arabic Numbers and a Matching Gold Strap Wristwatch - (circa 2001)

WNS-MDN-5027 - Pearl - Large Square Novelty - Full View with Strap