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    Philip Maus (1763-?) was a known clockmaker that built tall case clocks in Lebanon County during the late 1700s and early 1800s. One privately owned and interesting Philip Maus clock has a columned walnut wood case with three turned urn shaped finials and hand carved rosettes. This particular clock features delicately fashioned hand-made hour and minute hands in addition to a very unique symbolic cross shaped date hand. It is assumed that this date hand indicates a belief in Christianity which was the predominant religion of the time in the area. The white dial is signed “Philip Maus, Lebanon, No. 44”. It is surmised that the number 44 painted on this dial indicates that this particular clock was the forty fourth clock that Maus built during his career as a clockmaker. There are other clocks known that are attributed to Maus, but the total number of clocks he built is unknown.
  The date of his death is unknown.

Maus, Phillip (1763-?)

Philip Maus - walnut tall case clock - No 2 - top bonnet view - circa 1787

Philip Maus - walnut tall case clock - No 2 - full view - circa 1787