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Add your Collector Items to Collectors Weekly

Collectors Weekly - Add your Show and Tell Collectibles so others can enjoy your efforts.

American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute

American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute - A professional organization regarding clock and watch repair.

Antique Clock Values

Antique Clocks Identification and Price Guide


American Clock and Watch Museum

Mayfield Books – Specializing in Quality Horological Books.

Abe Books – Thousands of books for sale by thousands of book sellers (including hard-to-find, rare and out-of-print books.)

Watch Repair – Selected books for sale about pocket watch and wristwatch repairs.

Clock Building Plans and Kits

Norm Abram's Tall Case Clock Plan - This mission style clock case design features mortise and tenon style joinery true to mission style construction.

Green Lake Clock Company - Supplies movements, hands and dials for 18th century reproduction tall clock cases.

Emperor Clock Compan y - Clock Building Kits, Clock Parts and new Movements.

Clock Parts, Hardware and Sales

R & M Imports - Purveyors to professional and amateur horologists since 1967 - providing high quality items at competitive prices.

Horton Brasses, Inc - Makers of fine hardware since 1936.

Timesavers - worldwide distributor of clock parts and repair material.

Ball and Ball - Antique Reproduction Hardware.

Mile Hi Clock Supplies - Manufacturers of the Keystone Clockmakers Tools. Tools made by Clockmakers for Clockmakers.

The P.M. Company - horological suppies, parts, tools and books.

Cuckoo Meister - 100% Authentic German Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks.

The Kings Bay - antique hardware (cabinet and door), clocks and other products.

Hinge Vintage Hardware - beautifully crafted Cabinet and Furniture Hardware, like Knobs, Hinges and Pulls.

Norkro Clock Company - clock parts and quartz movements.

Merritt's Antiques - worldwide provider of Clock Parts, Clock Repair Supplies and Antique Clocks.

The Horolovar Company - 400 Day Clock Parts.

Richards of Burton - Specialized French and English clock castings.

Innovation Specialties - Quartz clock movements.

Black Forest Imports - Cuckoo parts & movements.

Hermle Clock Movements and Custom Made Grandfather Clocks – Specializing in custom clock making and woodworking products.

Glass Domes - Specializing in quality glass domes and bases, and clock books.

Lets Go Cuckoo - Traditional and Modern German and Swiss Cuckoo Clocks.

Clocks - Information and News

History of Clocks - Brief history of clocks and various related articles.

Clock Repair

Mike's Clock Clinic – Specializes in Atmos and Electric Clock Repair

The Clock Works – Specializes in Automobile Clock Repair

Platform Escapement Repairs - Any type of platform reparied and cylinders made if required.

Hardware for Clocks - Kits, Parts and Other Supplies

Ball and Ball Hardware Reproductions - Producers of antique reproduction hardware of the highest quality

Boyd Clocks - Clock Repair / Restoration / Service / House Calls in the Tampa Bay area

Flagler Clock Repair - service and repair all kinds of clocks including Grandfather's, French, German and Austrian clocks as well as regulators, brackets, cuckoos and ship-bell, Kitchen, Calendar, Wall, Mantle etc.

Electric Clock Links

FTL Design - Links about electric clocks

Glass Cutting

Carter's Clock Glass – Specializing in clock glass including beveled glass and other clock glass cutting.

AA Glass Service - Clock Glass for all Clocks.

General Horology

Time Center - Article: Timepiece Creation - The Making of Clocks and Watches (and other links to timepiece creation).

Magazines (Clocks and Watches)

Clocks Magazine – A monthly publication for clock collectors, repairers and makers worldwide.

Horological Times - Horological Times is the only monthly U.S. magazine reaching the watch maker, clock maker, and the industries that serve them.

Haute Horlogerie Magazine - Concentrates on the tradition of fine Swiss watchmaking.

Europastar - Watchmaking news from around the world.

HR Watch - Luxury watches.

Watch Magazine - Montre 24 - All about wristwatches, styles and new innovations.

Pocket Watches - Information and News

Collectors Weekly - Pocket Watches - Weatlth of knowledge about all aspects of Pocket Watches

The Watch Guy - Repair and service of  Pocket Watches

The Elgin Watch Collectors Site - All about Elgin watches

WatchUseek - Forum and blog about pocket watch history , collecting, etc. - Modern pocket watches for sale and information on the latest styles and trends.

Old Tickers - Devoted to the preservation and enjoyment of old Clocks and Pocket Watches.

Milton’s Emporium - Modern pocket watch sales and accessories.

History of Watches - Brief history of watches and various related articles.

Pocket Watch Hub - Information regarding the history of pocket watches.

Virtual Museums

Virtual Museum of Antique Smiths Clocks

Antique Ansonia Clocks - 1,001 color photos of Antique Ansonia Clocks, plus Clock Model Names, Trademarks and Labels and the history of the Ansonia Clock Company.

Black Forest Clocks - Information about antique cuckoo clocks and other antique German Black Forest clocks.

Watch and Clock Collectors Organizations

National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors (NAWCC) - The world’s leading watch and clock organization with a world class library, museum and classes on watch and clock servicing, reparing and restoration.

Japan Clock and Watch Association (JCWA) - An organization that copes with important horological issues and promotes further expansion of the global horological industry.

World Wide Traders - Watch and Jewelry Shows - Host watch shows that precede many prominent watch and clock shows including national conventions. They evolved into one of the fastest growing watch, jewelry and collectibles shows in the nation with dealers showcasing everything from vintage to modern watches, fine jewelry, antiques, and collectible items.

Watch and Clock Museums

An International Index of Watch and Clock Museums and Exhibits

American Clock and Watch Museum, Bristol, CT

National Watch and Clock Museum, Columbia, PA

The Willard House and Clock Museum, North Grafton, MA.

The Time Museum

The Canadian Clock Museum

The British Musuem (Rooms 38-39)

Beyer Clock and Watch Museum, Zurich, Switzerland

West Coast Watch & Clock Museum, Bellingham, WA

Southwest Museum of Clocks & Watches, Lockhart, TX

Vienna Watch and Clock Museum (Wien Museum), Vienna, Austria

Watch and Clock Dial Refinishing

Kirk Rich Dial Corporation – Specializing in fine quality watch dial restoration.

Porcelain Watch And Clock Dial Repair

The Dial House - Clock dials preserved/restored/reproduced.

International Dial - pocket watch and wristwatch dial restoration /refinishing.

Wondering what time it is? (Get the “Exact” Time right now)

The Official US Time from NIST

Wooden Movement Clocks and Kits – Specializing in original wooden gear clocks, clock kits, and do-it-yourself plans.

Wristwatches - Information and News

PuristSPro - Passion, Opinion, Information, Blogs, Forums (all about today’s higher-end wristwatch market.)

Active Wristwatch Companies - a large list of active wristwatch manufacturers around the world. - One of the UK’s leading retailers of luxury watches , and a brief history of many high end brands.

The Digital Watch - A Brief History - Explore the evolution of digital timepieces from 1972 to present.

How to Set a Digital Wristwatch - General Instructions on how to set a Digital Wristwatch.

Ask-Men - Watch Buying Guide -  A guide with universal information on wristwatches.

Mechanical Digital Watch History - A brief history of mechanical and digital wristwatches.

Why a $10 Casio Keeps Better Time Than a $10,000 Rolex - A behind the scenes look at technology.

History of the Solar Watch - Solar watch development and evolution from 1972 to present.

The Digital Watch - Chronicling the rise of digital horology.

Gruen Wristwatches - All about the history of the Gruen Watch Company.

Vintage Watch Forums - Vintage watch collectors discussion forums.

Vintage Watch Straps - Straps and bands for fixed wire lug vintage military trench or officers Great War wristwatches.

Watch Freeks - A forum for all types of watches and topics on horology.

Wristwatches on - Keep up on current events via newspaper, magazine and trade journal articles.

Watch Battery Cross Reference - Battery Size Cross Reference / Equivalent Chart.

Wristwatch Area - A web venue for the watch hobbyist that provides information and reviews for watches that are affordable for most people.

Wrist Watch 101 & Wood Watch Buyers Guide - A collective of artists, designers, and seasoned watchsmiths.

Tick Talk - Talking about things that tick.

Tough Watches - Battle for the Most Rugged Watches in the World.

Casoro Jewelry Safes - Jewelry safes and watch winders.

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