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Lebanon County, Pennsylvania Clockmakers

(Including a Collection of Lebanon County, Pennsylvania Clock Pictures)

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“Revealing the Unique History of Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, Clockmakers”

Some of the most beautiful and intricately designed and rare tall case clocks (also known as long case, floor and grandfathers clocks) were built throughout the state of Pennsylvania. These one-of-a-kind and hand-made tall case clocks have become known as Pennsylvania clocks. The “heyday” of tall case Pennsylvania clock making was from 1700 to 1850.

  What is not common knowledge is that Lebanon County, Pennsylvania has an interesting list of diverse tradesman from the “heyday” era (mostly of German descent). This area’s clockmakers had a knack for adding unique style coupled with meticulous workmanship that resulted in producing some of the most beautiful and interesting Pennsylvania tall case clocks. The majority of case designs found on Lebanon County tall case clocks conformed to the Chippendale and Federal furniture styles. These styles were popular from the third quarter of the eighteenth  century through the middle of the nineteenth century.

  By good luck, many of these clocks still exist, and plenty of them are still in working order and stand as testimonies to the devotion and hard work that was required to build a Pennsylvania tall case clock.

  There are 14 known Lebanon County clockmakers (whose diverse backgrounds include clergyman, politicians, fireman, militiamen and hotel keepers). The clockmakers are listed in the order of their known, or estimated, birth dates.


 Grove, Jacob (1720?-?)

 Graf, Jacob (1729-1778) - (also spelled Graff)

Meily, Samuel (1739-1802) - (also spelled Miley and Meyli)

Spyker, John Peter (1756-1830) - (also spelled Spycher)

Maus, Philip (1763-?)

Meily, Emanuel Sr. (1776-1851) - (also spelled Miley and Meyli)

 Stoy, Gustavas (1777-1816)

 Esterle, John (1778-?) - (also spelled Esterlie)

 Cooper, Charles (1779-1832)

 Guthart, Jacob (1779-1867) - (also spelled Goodhart)

 Oves, George (1783-1837)

 Drayer, Joseph (1790?-?)

 Robb, Andrew (1791-1847)

 Miller, Rev. Harry E. (1874-1947)