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WNS-PW-6019 - Henri_Blanc_12K_Dial_Swiss_PW_-_Full_Front_View

Case: The 16 size open face case has a gun metal finish.
Dial: The dial features a very desirable 12K Yellow Gold Dial with black markings (Henri Blanc, Geneva and stylish Arabic numerals) and a large seconds sub-dial at the 6 o'clock position..

Movement: The mechanical wind movement is damaskeened with no markings.

Comments: Here is a very nice "Roaring Twenties" Art Deco inspired collectible vintage piece. This watch is running fine and keeping time.

Item ID: WNS-PW-6019

Henri Blanc - Swiss Made with a 12K Yellow Gold Filled Dial that is Ornately Engraved, a Gun Metal Hinged Case with a High Quality and Damaskeened Mechanical Movement - (circa 1920s)

WNS-PW-6019 - Henri_Blanc_12K_Dial_Swiss_PW_-_Full_Movement_View

WNS-PW-6019 - Henri_Blanc_12K_Dial_Swiss_PW_-_Dial_Marking_Close_Up_View

WNS-PW-6019 - Henri_Blanc_12K_Dial_Swiss_PW_-_Dial_Close_Up_View