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Jacob Grove was the most obscure of the known Lebanon County clockmakers. The book “History of Dauphin and Lebanon Counties” states on page 130, "In the return of Lebanon for 1758 we have the following additional names: Jacob Grove (clockmaker)." There is also a reference to him in “The Dictionary of American Clock & Watch Makers,” that indicates he was an active clockmaker from 1759 thru 1782. In the Lebanon County Direct Tax list of 1798 there is a reference to a Jacob Grove but it is unknown if he was the same clockmaker. No other information regarding this clockmaker has been located in the Lebanon, PA area. As a result, the story of Jacob Grove, the clockmaker, from Lebanon, PA is puzzling. Adding to the mystery is the fact that no clocks bearing his name are known to exist.

  Neither his actual date of birth or death is known.

Grove, Jacob (1720?-?)

No Jacob Grove clocks are known to exist. These pictures are of buildings in the Lebanon, PA area that stood during his lifetime.

Old Gloninger Fort (left) - built around 1750 - 16th and Chestnut Street, Lebanon, PA

Lights Fort - built in 1742 - Southwest side view of the “Old Fort”. ( An effort is in progress to put the “Old Fort” back to its original configuration.)