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WNS-CLK-178 - Full Front View - Griffith Jones 1875 Wide Body Tall Case Clock

WNS-CLK-178 - Back View - Griffith Jones 1875 Wide Body Tall Case Clock

Griffith Jones Wide Body Tall Case Clock (circa 1875)

Here is a very attractive triple shield English wide body tall case clock with its dial signed ‘Griffith Jones’ and a hand painted scene of the Victoria Castle in Killiney, Ireland. It is made from solid mahogany and mahogany veneer. It is known that Griffith Jones was a clock dealer that had several locations including 13 & 15 Bridge Street & 2 New Market & 5 Mount Pleasant and 9 & 11 Pool Street in Caernarfon (formerly known as Carnarvon or Caernarvon), North Wales, England. He is listed in the Wales Clocks and Clockmakers by William Linnard as “JONES, Griffith, Caernarvon. Bridge Street, New Market and Mount Pleasant 1874-87. Longcase clocks known. Principally a dealer.” There is also a reference to him in the CARNARVON TRADERS - The Repository of all Things Historical for the Ancient Welsh Town of Carnarvon - WATCH & CLOCK MAKERS (& JEWELLERS) – 1874 – “Griffith Jones (Dealer) - 13 & 15 Bridge Street & 2 New Market & 5 Mount Pleasant.” The date of 1875 is accurate due to the style of the clock, the known active business dates of Griffith Jones, and the scenes painted on the dial of the Victoria Castle (which was built in 1840).

Based on information from the previous owner it is known that this clock did not run for over 50 years, and as a result the clock case, dial and movement have gone through a complete rehabilitation.

Dial: The extraordinary hand painted ‘white’ dial was professionally restored to its original condition (all existing paint had to be completely removed due to metal oxidation and paint deterioration – many pictures were taken before the original paint was removed to record the original scenes – and the artist recreated the scenes to their original condition). It is large measuring 14” wide by 20” high. The dial features the Victoria Castle (which was built in 1840 to commemorate Queen Victoria’s accession to the throne) in the lunette area. The upper left spandrel area features a stone arched bridge. The upper right spandrel area features a circular stone structure. The lower left spandrel area features a cottage with a thatched roof. The lower right spandrel area features a building that is missing its roof. The dial has Roman numeral hour markers with an outer minutes chapter ring. The seconds sub-dial is located above the center arbor an is marked in Arabic numerals in increments of 10. This dial is signed ‘Griffith Jones’, 9 and 11 Pool St., Carnarvon. The brass hour and minutes hands are original and the seconds hand is a replacement.

Bonnet: The bonnet features a swan’s neck pediment that terminates in flat wood rosettes. The large turned columns feature rounded figures and are housed on wood bases. The large finial is turned with a round top section. The arched bonnet door features a small knob that is made from brass.

Trunk: The sides of the trunk section have matching large turned columns featuring rounded figures. The case door measures 14-1/2” wide x 17-1/4” high and has a large centrally located shield made from solid mahogany. A smaller shield made from solid mahogany is under the case door. The lock escutcheon is key-shaped and made from brass. A new period-correct lock was installed (replacing the original which was broken – but, the original key fits and still works.)

Base: The base section features a shield panel made from solid mahogany. The case stands on solid mahogany feet with decorative curved cutouts in the front and side sections.

Movement: The factory manufactured time and strike movement (eight-day duration) is made from brass. Two period-correct cast iron 14 pound weights and a straight rod pendulum were purchased and installed. The movement’s restoration process included a bit of work due to not being operational for over 50 years.

Movement work was performed by Pete Schreiner

1) Cleaned and de-rusted all movement parts.

2) Repeatedly peg out pivots holes (corrosion and etching).

3) Replaced broken calendar drive pin (later relocated pin and adjust.)

4) Purchased and fitted a new commercial seconds hand.

5) Made and installed a custom extended rear plate bushing for the center arbor (reducing end shake to .005 inch).

6) Made a spacer for the hour wheel barrel (reducing end shake to .005 inch.)

7) Replaced catgut with 1/16 inch brass cable.

8) Made a custom brass washers for the rack hook and trip lever posts.

9) Made a new time winding drum wheel retaining washer.

10)  Polished anchor impulse faces.

11)  Made a 0.115 inch spacer for calendar wheel post to reduce end play and soldered it to the wheel pipe to reduce gear side play.

12)  Bushed strike 2nd wheel rear plate pivot hole.

13)  Polishes pivots.

14)  Bushed the hour hand to be press fitted onto the hour barrel.

15)  Bent calendar wheel mounting post to be perpendicular to the face plate.

16)  Made calendar wheel teeth equal height and filed tips to match.

17)  Made calendar wheel jumper spring and installed to act on teeth as close to the driven tooth as possible.

18)  Tested calendar function through the 31day cycle.

19)  Cleaned and lacquered all brass hands.

20)  Lubricated movement with synthetic grease and oil.

The clock stands 95” tall (to the top of the finial), 27” wide and 9-1/4” deep.

Griffith Jones - North Wales, English “Wide Body” with a Triple Shield Case Design - Fully Restored - Tall Case Clock - (circa 1875)

WNS-CLK-178 - Left Side Movement View - Griffith Jones 1875 Wide Body Tall Case Clock

WNS-CLK-178 - Right Side Movement View - Griffith Jones 1875 Wide Body Tall Case Clock

WNS-CLK-178 - Full Left Side View - Griffith Jones 1875 Wide Body Tall Case Clock

Weights and Pendulum View - Griffith Jones 1875 Wide Body Tall Case Clock

WNS-CLK-178 - Griffith Jones - Welch Clock Dial - circa 1875 - Full Front View

WNS-CLK-178 - Front of Restored Dial - Griffith Jones 1875 Wide Body Tall Case Clock