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WNS-MDN-5015 -Gallet - Ty Cobb - Legends in Time - Dial Close Up View

Here is a REAL Ty Cobb watch.

Very Rare high end collectible watch of the unforgettable  Ty Cobb!

Only 1000 produced by Gallet (Famous Swiss watchmaker, the oldest on Earth) in Switzerland for The Collectible Watch Co. circa 1993. (This one is number 0098 of 1000.)

N.O.S. - (Authentic)

 Originally Sold at Trump Plaza and Showboat casinos in Atlantic City.

And other high end Jewelry stores in 1993. 

Actor Tommy Lee Jones was one of the first to get one of these beautiful timepieces.

He played Cobb in the 1993 Warner Bros movie "Cobb"


Artist created Hand Finished Gold Plated Embossed Ty Cobb Dial as captured from the famous 1909 T206 "Bat off Shoulder" Baseball card  of one of the greatest baseball players of all time.

To this day, Cobb still holds the highest lifetime batting average


Proven Swiss 6 3/4 x 8 lines RONDA #763 with all metal gears.

Same Movement used in other $2000+ swiss watches.

Includes the C.O.A. and original papers.

Works the way it was made to.

Legends in Time™


The case measures 27 mm across x 41 mm lug to lug.

Item ID: WNS-MDN-5015

Gallet - Ty Cobb - Legends in Time - Limited Edition (0098 of 1000) Wristwatch (circa 1993)

WNS-MDN-5015 -Gallet - Ty Cobb - Legends in Time - Back Case View

WNS-MDN-5015 -Gallet - Ty Cobb - Legends in Time - Full Front View no 2

WNS-MDN-5015 -Gallet - Ty Cobb - Legends in Time - Full Front View