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WNS-CLK-177 - 1825 Randy Jaye Tall Case Clock - Front Dial in Case View

WNS-CLK-177 - 1825 Randy Jaye Tall Case Clock - Brass Eagle Finial View

English “Wide Body” Tall Case Clock (circa 1825) - Completely and Meticulously Restored - Signed Randy Jaye, Lebanon, PA.

 This is a very nice English circa 1825 “Wide Body” tall case clock with a fascinating and colorful dial. Its case is made from solid oak and solid mahogany accented by inlaid mahogany on the bonnet and trunk. The entire clock (dial, case and movement has been restored to their original condition.)

Dial: The extraordinary hand painted ‘white’ dial was professionally restored to its original condition (paint added where needed and all original sections good enough to be saved were kept intact.) It is large measuring 14” wide by 20-1/4” high. The dial features beautiful floral designs in all four spandrel sections with two individual flowers in the central section of the dial. It also includes a hand painted moon phase dial that was also restored to its original condition that features two moon faces and two cottages in a country scene. The dial displays the minutes in the outer chapter ring (in Arabic numerals in increments of 5) and the hours in the inner chapter ring (in Roman numerals.) It has two sub-chapter rings (one for the seconds which is above the central winding arbor and the other for the date which is below the central winding arbor.) This dial is signed by restorer (Randy Jaye) and lists Lebanon, PA as the working location (a tribute to the fine clockmakers from this era and area.) All the hands are original and have been re-blued to their original condition.

Bonnet: The bonnet features a swan’s neck pediment that terminates in brass rosettes. The columns are fully turned and housed within brass bases. The arched bonnet door features a small knob that is made from elephant ivory. The finial is a solid brass left-facing eagle that stands on a solid mahogany ball base.

Trunk: The sides of the trunk section have inset columns. The case door measures 11-1/4” wide by 20-3/8” high and has an inlaid central shell design and other inlaid mahogany striped sections near it edges. The lock escutcheon is a diamond shape and made from elephant ivory. A new period-correct lock was installed (replacing the original which was rusted and beyond repairable.)

Base: The base section features a panel of sectioned solid hard woods (birds-eye maple, mahogany, walnut, cherry and oak.) The edges are done in mahogany inlaid. The case stands on solid oak panels that have decorative curved cutouts in the front and side sections. (Due to deterioration issues with the original wood the panel, both base sides and stand (legs) have all been custom made for this clock.)

Movement: The hand-made time and strike movement (eight-day duration) is made from brass. It has some interesting features (including a hand-made false plate and some crudely finished gears along with gears that are finely finished.) Two period-correct cast iron 14 pound weights and a straight rod pendulum were purchased and installed. The movement’s restoration process included quite a bit of work due to wear, less than stellar older service work, and some missing parts.

Movement work was performed by Pete Schreiner

1. Designed and made a new proper tempered hardened O-1 tool steel anchor.  (Replacing worn, soldered misshapen existing part.)

2. Designed and made a new escape arbor pinion.  (Replacing pinion with leaves worn half through.)

3. Replaced the time winding arbor rear plate pivot.  

4. Installed a custom bushing in time winding arbor rear plate hole.

5. De-rusted, straighten, blued, and lacquered the minute, hour, seconds, and calendar hands.

6. Polish pivots.

7. Cleaned movement including the bell.  (Even though it was recently tumble cleaned.)

8. Made a new post for the transfer gear.  (Original was broken off at the tapered pin hole.)

9. Made a spacer for the hour pipe to retain the hour hand and set the hour hand to minute hand clearance.

10. Designed and made a new moon dial hub to fit the supplied moon dial to the post of the refinished face.

11.  Restrung the winding drums with 1/16 inch brass cable.

12. Bushed three pivot holes in the rear plate. (Time winding arbor, time train second wheel, and strike train 3rd wheel.)

13. Made a new calendar wheel drive gear.  60 teeth module = 1.0 + pipe to fit the existing front plate post.

14. Made a brass washer to space calendar hand away from the front surface of the face plate.

15. Made a brass hand washer to tension the spring washer of the minute wheel.

16. Placed a pin in the new calendar wheel drive gear and bent it to adjust the engagement with the calendar wheel teeth.

17. Polished and lacquered the pendulum bob.

18. Shortened the suspension spring by .25 inch and remount the end block.

19. Made and installed a spring jumper for the calendar wheel.

20. Lubricated with synthetic oil and grease.

The clock stands 97” tall (to the top of the plinth), 24-1/2” wide and 10” deep.

English “Wide Body” with an Incredible Dial - Fully Restored -
Tall Case Clock - (circa 1825)

WNS-CLK-177 - 1825 Randy Jaye Tall Case Clock - Movement and Dial on Test Stand

WNS-CLK-177 - 1825 Randy Jaye Tall Case Clock - showing the new Calendar gear

WNS-CLK-177 - 1825 Randy Jaye Tall Case Clock - Full Front View

WNS-CLK-177 - Movement - new calendar pin wheel drive

WNS-CLK-177 - 1825 Randy Jaye Tall Case Clock - Base Panel Close Up View

WNS-CLK-177 - 1825 Randy Jaye Tall Case Clock - Base Panel Close Up View