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WNS-ATQ-1005 - Elgin - 8 Sides - Black Dial Art Deco - Full Front View

Case: The octagonal shaped gold plated case has ornate Art Deco era engravings on the front and measures 28 mm across (including crown - and 26 not including the crown.) It is 7 mm thick. The crown is located at the 3 o'clock position. The wire lugs are adhered at the 12 and 6 o'clock areas. The back of the case has a beautiful engraved dedication in a very fancy script font and reads CBB. The inside of the case is marked 6/oE, B & B, Royal 20 Years, and the number 6406649.

Dial: The near mint round dial has an original black finish coordinated with white markings and hands.

The seconds sub-dial is located at the unusual area of the 9 o'clock position. There is a white colored 60 seconds scale around the outer edge of the sub-dial and the sweeping seconds hand is white as well. It has white colored Arabic numerals for all twelve hour markers. The antique-style hour and minutes hands are white in color. The crystal has a slight curvature on the surface and is straight on the sides and is raised 1 mm above the case at its center.

It is signed Elgin below the 12 o'clock position.

Movement: Mechanical Wind. Marked Elgin U.S.A. and the serial number 24207829 (which dates this watch to 1920.)

Strap: A brand new IW 10 mm genuine leather XL size strap (designed especially for wire lug watches.) It is sewn around the edges and has a very nice silver toned buckle.

Comments: THere is an all original Pure Art Deco wire lug timepiece from 1920 by Elgin. It features a 10K gold filled octagonal shaped beautifully engraved case with a black dial, white markings and a 60 seconds sub-dial at the unusual location of the 9 o'clock position.

This watch is in excellent cosmetic and running condition, and is an absolutely beautiful timepiece. It keeps splendid time.

Item ID: WNS-ATQ-1005

Elgin - Pure Art Deco Wire Lug Wristwatch with a Fancy Engraved Octagonal Shaped Case and Black Dial with a Sub-Dial at 9 o'clock - (circa 1920)


WNS-ATQ-1005 - Elgin - 8 Sides - Black Dial Art Deco - Left Front View

WNS-ATQ-1005 - Elgin - 8 Sides - Black Dial Art Deco - Full Right Front View

WNS-ATQ-1005 - Elgin - 8 Sides - Black Dial Art Deco - Movement View