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WNS-PW-6033 - Elgin_18sz_Clipper_Ship_Dial_-_Dial_Close_Up_View

Elgin - Clipper Ship Dial - 18 Size - (circa 1895)

Case: A 18 size case that is marked Silverode (with a crown symbol) and the number 292537. There is a faint engraved design of a large pointed buck deer on the back case.

Dial: Custom Clipper Ship under full sail, Roman numerals, sunken seconds disc at the 6 o’clock position.

Movement: A mechanical wind movement (stem wind and set) that is marked Elgin Nat'l Watch Co., Safety Pinion, and the serial number 6000307 (which dates this piece to 1895.)

Comments: A nice big 18 size with a custom dial that is running strong.

Item ID: WNS-PW-6033

Elgin - Beautiful customized Clipper Ship under full sail designed dial - 18 Size - Stem Wind and Set - (circa 1895)

WNS-PW-6033 - Elgin_18sz_Clipper_Ship_Dial_-_Dial_Close_Up_View_No_2

WNS-PW-6033 - Elgin_18sz_Clipper_Ship_Dial_-_Full_Front_View

WNS-PW-6033 - Elgin_18sz_Clipper_Ship_Dial_-_Movement_Markings_View

WNS-PW-6033 - Elgin_18sz_Clipper_Ship_Dial_-_Dial_Close_Up_View.jpg WNS-PW-6033 - Elgin_18sz_Clipper_Ship_Dial_-_Dial_Close_Up_View_No_2.jpg WNS-PW-6033 - Elgin_18sz_Clipper_Ship_Dial_-_Full_Front_View.jpg WNS-PW-6033 - Elgin_18sz_Clipper_Ship_Dial_-_Movement_Markings_View.jpg