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WNS-ATQ-1012 - Elgin - Military Conversion - circa 1915 - Entire View of Watch in the Strap

Case: The open face converted pocket watch 14K Gold Filled case measures 44 mm across (54 mm lug to lug.)I t is 8 mm thick. The inside of the back cover is marked S.W.C Co., 14K Gold Filled, 25 Years, and 5165920.

Dial: Round metal dial has a silver color background and Arabic numerals. It has an antique-style single sunk 60 seconds sub-dial with a black hand and a 60 seconds scale around its outer edge and it is located at the 6 o'clock position. There is a 60 minutes scale at the outer edge of the dial. The antique-style hour and minutes hands are black in color. It is marked Elgin below the 12 o'clock position.

Movement: 15 Jewel Mechanical Wind with ornate engravings and marked Elgin Nat;l Watch Co., U.S.A., 17 Jewels, Double Roller, and the serial number 18631075 (which dates this watch to 1915.)

Strap: The strap is a genuine leather special made to house pocket watches for WW1 Trench Watch use.

Comments: Since wristwatch production during World War One was just getting started many military units, and individual soldiers, converted pocket watches to wear on their wrists so they could free up their hands on the battlefield and during military maneuvers. Leather straps were often configured to allow a traditional pocket watch to be worn on the wrist. This pocket watch and leather configured strap is an excellent example of the World War One "makeshift" wristwatches.

Item ID: WNS-ATQ-1012


Elgin - 12 Size Pocket Watch converted into a World War 1 wristwatch - 14K Gold Filled Open Face case with a 17 Jewel Double Roller Movement - (circa 1915)

WNS-ATQ-1012 - Elgin - Military Conversion - circa 1915 - Full Front View in the Strap

WNS-ATQ-1012 - Elgin - Military Conversion - circa 1915 - Full Front View out of Strap

WNS-ATQ-1012 - Elgin - Military Conversion - circa 1915 - Movement View