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WNS-PW-6009 - Doxa_Huge_Pocket_Watch_-_Full_Front_View

Case: 22 size Open Face Case, 70 mm outside case diameter, 31 mm bow and stem length. The dust cover is marked Medaille D'or Milan 1906, Doxa, Hors Concours, Liege 1905. The inside of the back cover is marked Metal Argentan, Doxa, Depose and includes 5 different silver coin symbols. The entire case is ornately engraved (Repousse') and is highlighted by a scene of people riding horses (possibly engaged in a fox hunt) on the back cover.

Dial: The dial is white porcelain with Roman numeral hour markers and is marked Anti Magnetique and Doxa and includes a large seconds sub-dial at the 6 o'clock position.

Movement: Swiss made jeweled mechanical wind movement (stem wind) - Swiss made jeweled mechanical wind movement is marked Doxa. The time is set by pushing in a button (located to the right of the pendant) and then turning the crown.

Comments: An interesting and HUGE open face pocket watch (sometimes referred to as a “Coaches Watch”)

Item ID: WNS-PW-6009

Doxa - 22 Size - Huge “Coaches Watch” - Ornate Open Face Case - Nice Overall Condition - (circa 1940s)

WNS-PW-6009 - Doxa_Huge_Pocket_Watch_-_Dial_Close_Up_View

WNS-PW-6009 - Doxa_Huge_Pocket_Watch_-_Case_Markings_View

WNS-PW-6009 - Doxa_Huge_Pocket_Watch_-_Dust_Cover_Markings_View

WNS-PW-6009 - Doxa_Huge_Pocket_Watch_-_Movement_View

WNS-PW-6009 - Doxa_Huge_Pocket_Watch_-_Open_Case_View

WNS-PW-6009 -Doxa_Huge_Pocket_Watch_-_Full_Back_View

WNS-PW-6009 - Doxa_Huge_Pocket_Watch_-_Dial_Close_Up_View