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WNS-MCTY-3021 - Customline - 37 Jewels - English - Full Front View

Case: The brass case measurements are 41 mm from end to end and 31 mm wide (32 mm including the crown).  The domed plexi-glass crystal is in excellent condition and clear. 

Dial: Original condition with an untouched satin-finish metal dial that is recessed in the center and features a crisp 60 seconds/minutes scale along the outer dial.  Applied gold numbers and 'double gold dash' hour indicators, gold Dauphine-style green radium hands and a recessed sub-seconds dial with 5 second markers and 'sweep' gold hand. Signed Customline, and  37 Jewels below the 12 o'clock position and Shock Protected above the sub-seconds dial. The dial is attached to the movement with two little screws where one is above the 12 position and the other is below the 6 position.

Movement: 37 Jewel English Made mechanical wind.  The inside is simply marked KK with a star above the marking and Ten (10) visible red jewel settings on the top plate. The inside of the back cover is simply stamped 18. 

Strap: Black Genuine Leather 'open-ended' band for wire lug watches.  Silver tone buckle.

Comments: An excellent example of a 1950s English made high jeweled (37) wristwatch in a brass case.

Item ID: WNS-MCTY-3021

Customline - 37 Jewel Brass Case and Back, English Made, Wire Lug, Scarce Wristwatch - (circa 1940s)

WNS-MCTY-3021 - Customline - 37 Jewels - English - Dial Close Up View

WNS-MCTY-3021 - Customline - 37 Jewels - English - Full Right Front View

WNS-MCTY-3021 - Customline - 37 Jewels - English - Movement View