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WNS-6070-4010 - Buler - Mod Square Chrome Jump Hour - Crystal View

Case:  The case is manufactured from a solid piece of metal and plated with a high gloss chrome finish.  It has tapered 45 degree angles at the top and bottom of the front side, and has a curvature on the back side.  The case measures 32 mm across (34 mm including the crown) and 40 mm lug to lug. It is a thick 9 mm wide.

The back of the case is marked with the Buler symbol, Modele Depose, Base Metal Bezel, Stainless Steel Back, Swiss Made, Shock Resistant, Buler and the numbers 13172-22190.

Dial: The dial on this strange watch is located on the left side (off center on the case.)  It has a brushed silver color with a high gloss silver colored square line running around the outer perimeter of the dial.  The hour and  minute discs are white in color with black Arabic numbers.  The crystal measures 14 mm x 14 mm and is 3 mm high.  It is tapered around the front and back edges matching the tapering contour of the case.

Movement: Swiss Jeweled Mechanical Wind.

Strap: A 70s vintage (including four holes in each side--very funky) black colored Corfam (space age material) that is 28 mm wide at the case and tapers to 16 mm wide at the ends.  It has a large (18 mm x 16 mm) silver tone buckle.  The total length is 9."

Comments: This is one strange looking watch!   It is a jump hour with a very unusual square raised crystal that is in an off-center position on the case.  It has a very funky and original seventies holed design band.  It is in mint cosmetic and working condition. 

Item ID: WNS-6070-4010

Buler - Square Raised Off-Center Crystal, Jump Hour, With a High Gloss Chrome Tapered Case - (circa 1970s)

WNS-6070-4010 - Buler - Mod Square Chrome Jump Hour - Front Side View

WNS-6070-4010 - Buler - Mod Square Chrome Jump Hour - Front View

WNS-6070-4010 - Buler - Mod Square Chrome Jump Hour - Full View