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WNS-6070-4079 - Arcadis - Huge Calendar Watch Red-White-Black Dial - Full Case View

Case:  It is a huge piece that measures 43 mm across without the three crowns and the same from top to bottom. Turning the watch over we find a screw-down case back that is not inscribed or engraved.

 Dial: The dial is super looking and has a number of different colored rings surrounding it. The very outer edge has a white inner bezel ring that contains the days of the week in French and are repeated around the dial a number of times. Underneath is a silver rotating dial that can be set using the top crown. It reads all of the months of the year, also in French. Next is a red ring or bezel that is rotated by the bottom crown and has the days of the month. Finally the center section is finished in black and contains the raised silver and luminous hour markers and matching baton-style minute and seconds hands.  The sweeping seconds hand is silver in color and has a neat sqare end with a luminous coating. There is a silver outer seconds/minutes track and a date window at the 3 o'clock position. Each section is at a different height, with the outer white bezel almost 5mm above the middle black area. The dial is marked "Arcadis" below the 12 o'clock position, and "17 Rubis" above the 6 o'clock position.

Movement: A very high quality mechanical wind movement that has a polished and beveled finish and the Swiss Hallmark of "CRC" and the caliber number of 960.

Strap: IW Genuine Leather 20 mm padded strap that is black in color with white outer stitching and it has a silver toned buckle.

Comments: The story surrounding this timepiece is that it was one of the prizes available to choose from as a top finisher of a France to Switzerland Amateur Road-Ralley Car race. This one was picked by the second place finisher and looks to date from the very early 1970's.

Item ID: WNS-6070-4079

Arcadis - Huge Calendar with Black, Red and White Dial - 2 Rotating Bezels Wristwatch - (circa 1970s)

WNS-6070-4079 - Arcadis - Huge Calendar Watch Red-White-Black Dial - Dial Close Up View

WNS-6070-4079 - Arcadis - Huge Calendar Watch Red-White-Black Dial - Full Front View

WNS-6070-4079 - Arcadis - Huge Calendar Watch Red-White-Black Dial - Top Dial Close Up View