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WNS-PW-6030 - Waltham_12 Size _Dial_Close_Up_View

Case: Pear Shaped Open Face metal case is in extraordinary overall condition and features detailed engraving on  the back cover. The inside of the back cover is marked DEFIANCE and 2787412.

Dial: A mint round metal dial has a white color background with Arabic numerals and a single sunk 60 seconds sub-dial (gold in color) with a black hands and a 60 seconds scale around its outer edge.

Movement: The movement is marked A.W.W. Co., Waltham, Mass., 15 Jewels, and 21127353 (which dates this watch to 1917)

Comments: A mint conditioned Pear Shaped case that is working fine.

Item ID: WNS-PW-6030

American Waltham - MINT Overall Condition - Nicely Engraved "Pear Shaped" 12 Size Case - Running fine and keeping excellent time - (circa 1917)

WNS-PW-6030 - Waltham_12 Size -_Rear_Case_View

WNS-PW-6030 - Waltham_12 Size_-_Full_Front_View_no_2

WNS-PW-6030 - Waltham_12 Size -_Side_of_Case_View